Public Open Meeting

Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Public Open meeting to discuss the start of Carpet Bowls & Table Tennis exercise sessions

Date 15th July 2021 at 7:00pm via zoom.

Advertised via WhatsApp Groups(twice), Colvend Community Website & direct emails


S.W.Pain (Chair), G.Webster, K. Coltart, J.Coates, M.Pumphrey


D.Roan, K.Filer, C.Hornblow

S.W.Pain opened the meeting by summarising the results of the Community Survey carried out earlier this year. Of the 67 respondees, 50 expressed an interest in taking part in regular community led exercise events. The most significant [SP1] interest was in table tennis (13 votes) followed by carpet bowls (11 votes)

It was agreed that the following proposal be put to the next C&SCC meeting

1.  In order to minimise costs and increase attendance, both the table tennis and carpet bowls should be run on the same evening


2.  The hourly cost of using the Colvend Public Hall is:

£8 for community use of large hall

£4-50 for community use of the small hall

£9-50 for community use of both halls


3. It should be assumed that the events would need a 2-hour booking slot and therefore the subscriptions would need to cover the cost of at least £16 / week plus any additional insurance charge.

Action 1: J.Coates to check if this is already covered by the Hall insurance.

Action 2: S.W.Pain to check cost of additional insurance from the C&SCC Insurer.


4.  The sessions would start in October at 7:00pm


5.  Paul Bannister be asked to be act as the event leader once the session is fully established by the C&SCC. 

Action 3: J.Coates to liaise with PB to ensure that he is agreeable and to check which day of the week, excluding Thursdays, would be most suitable for him.

Action 4: S.W.Pain to check if P.Harper Senior could help with initial training of carpet bowls.


6.  The first ”taster session” costs would be underwritten by the C&SCC and should include the provision of tea / coffee & biscuits.


7.  Because of the absence of any members of the public, it was decided that the first meeting should be limited to a single table tennis table (courtesy of JC) and a single carpet bowls alley (to be purchased with grant funding).

Action 5: K. Coltart to check the condition of the old carpet bowls alleys held in the church garage.


8.  Advertising for the launch to be via Notices in the Colvend Shop, C&SCC Noticeboards, WhatsApp groups, Facebook page and Colvend Community website.


The walking football exercise event was briefly discussed and it was suggested that some of the sessions should be located in Colvend Hall. 

Action 6: S.W.Pain to check if a soft ball could be used.


9  J.Coates raised the issue of the Gala and the possibility of requiring 2 metre social distancing. It was agreed that we should plan for success, but any government-imposed regulations and guidance would have to be adhered to.  He also raised the possibility of purchasing either a bouncy castle or marquee. M. Pumphrey pointed out that there could be a problem of long- term storage of such items in order to protect them from vermin damage.


The meeting closed at 8:00pm

Simon Pain