Projects Report October 2021

Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Monthly Projects Report – October 2021


1.     Bus Shelter renovations

The bus stop projects at Southwick, Portling Road end and Sandyhills are now complete. The new Southwick bus shelter has been given its second coat of paint and a plaque showing that the replacement was provided by C&SCC with funding from RRBF has been installed, The total cost of the Southwick bus stop replacement project including noticeboard and plaque was £1472.54 (c.f. Grant of £1473) 

The degraded acrylic in the window of the Portling shelter has been replaced with toughened glass at a cost of £21.60. Many thanks go to Peter Reid for doing the installation work.

The 3 Bus Shelter projects have been the subject of an article in the D&G Council Community Council’s Newsletter Community_Council_Newsletter_August_2021.pdf (

2.     Barean Crannog Visitor Interpretation Board.

The Crannog lectern was installed during the month & has been the subject of a Galloway News article - Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions and an email of appreciation from the Scottish Crannog Centre in Fife. The project plan for volunteers to install paving slabs at the lectern was declined permission by Forestry & Land Scotland, and instead they have installed stone hard standing at their own cost. The invoice from Border Signs was £1182 including VAT, but only the nett value can be claimed against the grant from SWEAT. The project is now complete with the exception of the provision of a fingerboard sign and so the eligible cost that can be set against the grant is £1055. We will have to pay the VAT element of £211.

The grant from SWEAT was approved at £1375, but they gave us a cheque for £2000 to ensure that we were adequately covered, on the understanding that any unused monies would be returned to them. The reason that the project was underspent by £320 was because the budget allowed for:

  • Professional graphic design whereas we did the design ourselves.
  • The National Museum of Scotland reduced the cost of the cooking pot photograph by £30 because it took them so long to respond because of the lockdown.
  • A fingerboard sign was included in the budget, but this is now being provided free of charge by the Outdoor Access Team of D&G Council.
  • Provision for installation of paving slabs, which is now being replaced by a stone hard standing free of charge by F&LS.

The nett result is that the C&SCC is likely to have to repay £945 to SWEAT for unused grant monies.

3.     Coastal Path.

a.     Visitor Interpretation Signs

The 5 visitor interpretation board designs are now complete. The latest sign is related to the local geology and the design has been done by David Harrison. 


A revised quotation was sought from Alba Printers to reflect the fact that the quotation had expired and there are now 5 signs rather than 4. The price has increased by 61% to £4482 (incl of VAT) and reflects the additional sign and the fact that the cost of oak has gone up by 50%. The combined grants from D&G, GGA and RWE Renewables is £4641.10 and so the increase is still within the grant budget.

The locations for the 5 new signs are now agreed with the landowners as.


Action required: Agree to placing an order for the provision & installation of the 5 boards with Alba Printers at Dumfries at a cost of  £4482

b.     Path Maintenance

Community Payback have been in touch and committed to have a team working on the Jubilee & Coastal Paths for 1 day per week on the section between Rockcliffe to the Elbe Monument, until completed he work is expected to take all winter. The labour is at no charge, but the C&SCC will be responsible for fuel, strimmer line & gloves costs. An approach has been made to the D&G Outdoor Access Team for help with these costs. 

The poor state of the Coastal Path (Core Paths 145 & 140) has been raised with the Outdoor Access Team and SWP has submitted a series of photographic reports to them. It is now understood that following our concerns placed last year, that a budget has been arranged for Core Path maintenance. SWP has received details of the areas planned to be targeted by council contractors. It has been pointed out to the Outdoor Access Team that the area highlighted for Core Path 140 (Portling to Sandyhills) is not the area where the problems of gorse growth occur. The Outdoor Access Team have committed to reviewing arrangements for the Coastal Paths and as it would seem that the Coastal path now needs some investment.

4.     Colvend Hall Emergency Generator connection (DR)

The generator connection has been installed in the Colvend Hall by Lotus Electrical Ltd and is available for use. There is a minor issue with the closing of the electrical cupboard door which needs to be resolved. This equipment was funded by contributions from the D&G Hardship fund and the National lottery Community Fund. The combined grants should cover the full cost of the installation. Note that SPEN have advised residents in the Colvend Centre area of a further planned power outage for 6 hours. It is currently planned for 6/11/21 and a generator could be provided for the hall if necessary.

Action: Arrange to link a generator to the connection to ensure that the new system works.


5.     Anti-littering project (SWP)

  1. Satisfactory discussions have been held with copyright expert Chris Craig. Also the school have advised that there are now only 2 children left at the school who were prize winners.SignRight have confirmed that there is no change in the original quotation, Funding is available from the Dalbeattie Rotary (£500) and from Mark Jardine / The Peoples project for the balance. (Total cost expected to be £648.)

Decision required: Proceed with order with SignRight Dumfries for 3 pavement swing signs and a single A frame sign with the 2 runners up designs which can be used for anti-littering signs & other general community messages.

  1. The additional plastics / packaging and cardboard / paper recycling communal bins that were requested from D&G Council have now been delivered.

6.     Castle Point Beach Access (SWP)

a.     The landowners have reported to us that they will not be permitting the project for the improvement of the steep access path to Castle Point beach to go ahead. This means that we currently have no project to submit to the last phase of the Robin Rigg Community Fund. 

b.     Alternative project for RRCF application (All)

The practical closing date for submitting applications to the RRCF is 23rd October.

7.     Community Get-Together

  1. The applications for £150 from the Get-Togethers grant fund closed early as it was over-subscribed and we were unable to submit an application in time.
  2. A further application for £300 funding has been submitted to the Rural Communities Ideas in to Action Fund which closes on 8th October. If we are successful, the money must be spent by the end of March 2022.


  1. Information Centre


During the last 6 weeks the display panels have started to de-laminate. In order to avoid total replacements a plastic beading frame had to be installed on the worst case at the cost of £14.40. Further repairs will be required in the near future to save the display boards.

Decision required: Approx up to £50 expenditure on the purchase of plastic frame beading.



9.     Colvend Short Mat Bowls & Table Tennis Club

Current plans & equipment:

  • Grant of £1000 received from D&G Council R&R Fund for setting up the Bowls, Table Tennis & Walking Football exercise sessions
  • Philip Harper will act as the initial coach for the Short Mat Bowls
  • Paul Bannister will act as the coach for the table tennis
  • The club will meet for the first time on Wednesday 20th October from 7-9pm and weekly thereafter.
  • The main hall will be used for the Short Mat Bowls
  • The small hall / committee room will be used for 2 table tennis tables

Short Mat Bowls

A 45ft mat, fenders & 12 woods have been purchased by the C&SCC via ebay for a total of £135. The equipment was transported from York at no charge with the kind help of Rebecca & Michael Kellett from Rockcliffe. Philip Harper has checked the equipment and it is short of a jack which will need to be purchased (Approx cost £40). 

When the old Carpet Bowls club ceased to function, the remaining funds were given to the Colvend Hall Committee on the understanding that if the club re-started these funds would be returned.

The short mat bowls equipment is stored beneath the stage in Colvend Hall




Table tennis

So far, no equipment has been purchased, but following consultation with Paul Bannister, 2 Donner folding TT Tables are to be purchased for £199.99 + £9.99 delivery for each table. The table comes with a net, 3 balls & 2 bats. 4 Additional bats and a stock of balls will be required but these have not yet been costed.

Fitting 2 tables into the small hall is quite tight, and so a temporary net curtain will need to be purchased to prevent the balls from one table interfering with the other. Material costs for the netting is about £15 + fittings.

The table tennis tables will be stored in the back stage room. If it is necessary to make more space, the table trestles could be stored on the stage.

Important Note: Both Simon Pain & Paul Bannister will be away on holiday for 2 weeks after the club start-up.

Decisions required:

  1. What is the club to be called? Short Mat Bowls and Table Tennis Club is a bit of a mouthful. It could be abbreviated to SMATT or BATT?
  2. The club needs to be self – funding and independent of the C&SCC. It will need an administrator & treasurer
  3. What should the subscription be – this will depend on what the hall will charge for use (JC?)
  1. PB has suggested an annual subscription of £15 with a charge of £1 or £2 / evening.
  2. The subscription should be combined and cover both the Short Mat Bowls & Table Tennis
  1. Who will arrange collection & return of the hall key?
  2. The C&SCC to cover the costs of the first evening


Simon W. Pain 4/10/21