Council Minutes 7th October 2021


Thursday 7th October 2021 AT 7:33pm via zoom video conferencing.


PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Pain - Vice Chair, M. Parry – Treasurer, G. Webster - Secretary, CCs J. Coates, K. Filer, H. Rowe.


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: J. Rowland, J. Stanning.


APOLOGIES: CC T. Roan, Cllrs D. Stitt, I. Blake.



Adoption of the Minutes from 2nd September 2021

With one event date query the minutes were approved by S. Pain.



DGC Visitor Management Plan – Continue to engage with DGC regarding signage. (IB)

Glass recycling at Colvend – DGC have installed a second glass recycling unit at Kippford and will not consider moving a unit to Colvend. With the extra red and blue recycling units now at Colvend there is now not enough space so this item will be closed.

The role of Minute Secretary will be discussed later.

Various payment queries in the August Treasure’s Report have been clarified. (DR)

The Community Payback scheme will be discussed later.

Discussion was held about a preferred date for next year’s Gala Day and the proposal for staging the event on the weekend of the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022 was deemed most favourable. It is likely that events staged this weekend will be eligible for Stewartry Area Committee funding applications. Agreeing the date now will enable more time to contact organisations and offer exhibition places. It was noted that demand for organisations to appear at events over the weekend might be high so an early start was necessary. 

Action: J. Coates to engage organisations to exhibit at the Gala Day in June 2022.

Action: G. Webster to write to Tony and Pam Murphy to thank them for their kind donation of the tent they lent the council for the Gala Day. 


A Community get-together will be discussed later. (GW)

It was agreed the state of the Jubilee Path has been addressed and this item is closed. (GW) 

The ice cream vendor at Rockcliffe has suggested if DGC would consider providing an electrical point on the outside wall of the toilets and a dedicated parking space on the grass verge outside the toilets, he would be happy to pay for the electricity he consumes. DGC will need to be engaged to see if this is feasible.

Action: G. Webster to ask I. Blake for guidance on the best contact within DGC for this matter.


The work to tidy up the area in and around Nelson’s Grave was commended and the tent and belongings that were found nearby have now been handed in the Castle Douglas police station. The notices on the CSCC FB page and website can now be removed.

Action: G. Webster to arrange removal of the notices.


There does not appear to be a SO / DD in place for future ICO payments.

Action: M. Parry to set up a payment scheme for the ICO.


DGC have not recognised that the shelter at the school actually belongs to them and it is their responsibility to deal with the supplier and have the roof repaired satisfactorily.

Action: S. Pain to ask I. Blake to provide support to the school until the shelter roof is repaired to a satisfactory standard.



No incidents were recorded.



The Treasurer advised the account balance is currently £18, 104.15 although the majority of this sum is committed spending.



Bus Shelter renovations

The opaque Perspex window has now been replaced by toughened glass and the project has now completed 40p under budget and this item is now closed.

Action: G. Webster to write to P. Reid to thank him in behalf of the council and the community for dedicating his time to the restoration of the Portling bus shelter.


Barean Crannog Interpretation Board

The board installation has now been fully completed and it has had some good press coverage in both the Galloway News and on the DGC Communities website. 

As the project came in under budget there is a sum of approx. £945 to be returned to SWEAT once the process for doing so is determined. This item is now closed.


Coastal Path

Visitor Interpretation Boards

J. Stanning was thanked for his contribution to this project. Design of the five boards is now complete apart from a minor detail regarding the safety information on them. Location of the boards has now been agreed with all the landowners. 

Action: Agreed by all to place an order for the provision & installation of the 5 boards with Alba Printers at Dumfries at a cost of £4482.


Path Maintenance

Community Payback have already commenced work on the Jubilee path and are due to start on the Coastal path next week after a delay of two weeks. The work is a major task and expected to take the whole of the winter season to complete. 

The poor state of the Coastal Path (Core Paths 145 & 140) has been raised with the

D&G Outdoor Access Team and a series of photographic reports has been submitted to them.

It is now understood that a budget is now available for Core Path maintenance and the Outdoor Access Team now recognise the Coastal Path is in now need of some fairly major investment.


Anti-littering project

Satisfactory discussions have been with a copyright expert and there are no major issues to be concerned about and he would be happy to help further if needed. 

Action: It was agreed to place an order with SignRight Dumfries for 3 pavement swing signs and a separate order for a single ‘A’ frame sign, the orders together are £648 in value and fully funded.


Colvend Hall Emergency Generator Switchgear

This has now been installed with the switch inside the meter cupboard and the socket just outside the front door. There has been notification for residents of central Colvend that there will be a 6-8 hour planned power outage on the 5th November and D. Roan has kindly offered use of a generator for testing purposes beforehand.


Meikle Richorn dyking repairs

This work is still outstanding.


Castle Point Beach Access

The landowners have reported to us that they will not be permitting the project for the improvement of the steep access path to Castle Point beach to go ahead. This decision means that we need to find an alternative project for a RRCF application and, due to the availability of S. Pain, the submission deadline would be 22nd October. 

A number of possible alternative projects were put forward and the preferred option was to procure a PC compatible projector and screen package which would be suitable for screening both presentations and films in the hall.

Action: S. Pain to research and identify a suitable package and inform the council via email.


Community Involvement

Launch of short mat bowls and table tennis activities

A 45ft mat, fenders & 12 woods have been purchased by the C&SCC via eBay

for a total of £135. The equipment was transported from York at no charge with

the kind help of Rebecca & Michael Kellett from Rockcliffe. Philip Harper has

checked the equipment and it is short of a jack which will need to be purchased

(Approx. cost £40).

Action: G. Webster to write to Rebecca and Michael to thank them for this and other community spirited contributions made.


Following consultation with Paul Bannister, 2 Donner folding TT Tables have been purchased for £199.99 + £9.99 delivery for each table and are due to arrive on the 17th October. The table comes with a net, 3 balls & 2 bats. 4 Additional bats and a stock of balls will be required but these have not yet been costed.

Fitting 2 tables into the small hall is quite tight, and so a temporary net curtain and wire has been purchased to prevent the balls from one table interfering with the other. 

Action: J. Coates to ask F. Nielson if she could make top and bottom hems for the netting.


The table tennis tables will be stored in the back stage room. If it is necessary to make more space, the table trestles could be stored on the stage.

It was agreed to call the club the Colvend Indoor Sports Club.

It is important to note that the club must be self-funding and that, although the CSCC is starting it up, it will not be involved in the day to day running.

The opening night of the club will be Tuesday 19th October at 7pm and will include refreshments fully funded by the Community Council, subscription and weekly fee amounts will also be discussed and agreed.  

Action: J. Coates to determine how much money was handed to the hall after the previous bowls club folded.


Community Get-togethers

The applications for £150 from the Get-Togethers grant fund closed early as it was over-

subscribed and we were unable to submit an application in time.

A further application for £300 funding has been submitted to the Rural Communities Ideas

in to Action Fund which closes on 8th October. If we are successful, the money must be

spent by the end of March 2022.

Action: S. Pain to advise if application was successful and, if so, members were asked to bring ideas to the next CSCC meeting 4th November.


Information Centre

During the last 6 weeks the display panels have started to de-laminate.

In order to avoid total replacements a plastic beading frame had to be

installed on the worst case at the cost of £14.40. Further repairs will be

required in the near future to save the display boards.

Action: It was agreed that S. Pain purchase up to £70 of plastic frame beading.



The offer from G. Coates to be Minute Secretary was unanimously accepted.

Action: G. Webster to inform G. Coates that she has been accepted as Minute Secretary.



There is a planning in principle been submitted in White Loch Lane however a further more

detailed planning application would be necessary for it to proceed.



All correspondence has been duly forwarded.



The next meeting on Thursday 4th November is planned for the large hall to allow for maximum social distancing unless the local CV19 situation or government guidelines dictate otherwise. 

The recently acquired marquee could be made available on occasion to members of the community for a small fee or free of charge for a charitable event. The marquee would be expected to be returned in the same condition it was lent out.

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