Council Minutes 1st July 2021


Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 1st July 2021

at 7:00pm via zoom video conferencing.


PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Pain - Vice Chair, G. Webster - Secretary, CCs J. Coates, K. Coltart, K. Filer, T. Roan, H. Rowe, M. Pumphrey, Cllr I. Blake.

APOLOGIES: M. Parry - Treasurer, CC A. Whitby, Cllr D. Stitt. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS: Adoption of the Minutes from 3rd June 2021

With no amendments the minutes were approved by H. Rowe and seconded by J. Coates.


  1. DGC Visitor Management Plan - discussion with DGC ongoing. S. Pain has also been in contact with DGC and confirms that there are QR codes on the signage however it is not fully operational as yet. J. Coates pointed out that there was no phone signal at Rockcliffe car park so a QR code on a sign would not be that useful.

    Action: I. Blake to continue to liaise with DGC towards a solution.

  2. Glass recycling at Colvend - the response from DGC is that in order to have a glass recycling facility there has to be 100 households in the immediate area and quite clearly Colvend does not meet this threshold. The fact that there are other communities nearby e.g., Rockcliffe, Portling and Sandyhills that would make use of this facility and easily exceed the 100 household criteria cannot, unfortunately, be taken into consideration. I. Blake mentioned a similar situation in Kirkbean where they had a glass recycling facility removed and their nearest one is now at New Abbey. He will continue to pursue both of these issues with DGC. J. Coates stated that he found the only glass recycling facility in this area, which is sited at Kippford, to be full when he tried to use it recently. I. Blake said over demand for some of the current glass recycling facilities has been recognised by DGC and more frequent collections were being scheduled, he went on to say that DGC proving more facilities would also alleviate over demand situations.

    Action: I. Blake to continue to liaise with DGC towards a solution.




Two incidents reported this month:

  • ●  11/06/2021 - sheep worrying in Colvend, 4 sheep/lambs lost.

  • ●  17/06/2021 - a cottage in Rockcliffe suffered vandalism to some windows, two youths have

    been traced and charged in relation to this incident.

    J. Coates reported that several abandoned high specification cycles had been found recently in the Rockcliffe area and, so far, attempts to identify the owners have been unsuccessful.



No report this month as the Treasurer was absent however as the AGM is due in October a full report will be requested for the September meeting.



  1. Barean Crannog Interpretation Board

    • ●  Quotation updated & order placed with Border Signs & Graphics in Dumfries

    • ●  Minor changes requested by SWEAT to board design to incorporate their logo. The Scottish

      Crannog Centre logo was also added. This change has been accepted by BSG Ltd.

    • ●  Price is slightly less than expected and so it is suggested that we install 2 900mm x 600mm

      paving slabs (approx. £25 if we do it ourselves).

      K. Filer might have some suitable paving that she is willing to donate, she will check size and advise.

      There is a sum in the region of £800 that will have to be returned to SWEAT once the project is complete.

  2. Bus Shelter Projects

    • ●  Toughened glass for Portling Road end shelter window ordered from Glass & Glazing (Dumfries) Ltd. Cost is approx. £22, Delivery awaited.

    • ●  SWesTrans notified of request to update bus timetables at Sandyhills & Portling Road end.

    • ●  No progress on notice boards for all 3 bus shelters.

      Contractor has not yet submitted an invoice for the Southwick bus shelter and a finishing coat is still outstanding. S. Pain proposed a label at a cost of approx. £20 to show that the CSCC had provided the shelter, and this was agreed.

  3. Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation Boards

    • ●  Sponsorship agreement (worth £750) signed with RWE Renewables Ltd

    • ●  Information & photos due from RWE Renewables for the Robin Rigg Board in w/c 28/6/21

    • ●  Location of the Flora & Fauna Board selected

    • ●  Order cannot be placed with Alba Ltd. until the designs of all 4 boards are completed

      Draft designs completed for four boards however it is likely that one of the boards (Smugglers and Shipwrecks) will be abandoned because of a failure to agree a location with the landowner. An alternative subject and location will now need to be discussed within the subgroup managing this particular project.

      It was raised that the section of the coastal path going down towards Portling is becoming overgrown with gorse again and what could be done about it. S. Pain put forward two options; 1) use the Community Payback scheme to source labour however they are based in Dumfries and unable to travel at the moment and 2) do it ourselves as we have done in previous years.

Action: S. Pain to engage again with the Community Payback scheme and if still not available to request volunteers from the community. T. Roan needs to be kept informed of the situation.

  1. Litter Campaign

    16 posters were received from pupils at Colvend Primary School and the standard was exceptionally high for all entries and choosing six posters and two reserves for the campaign was difficult. There is a potential problem regarding copyrights. This has been checked with Vexels, but for one poster this may require that we purchase the clip art. It may be possible to do this at no cost.

    It was agreed to purchase three swing type and one A frame type signs to give some flexibility for displays.

    We currently do not have agreed funding for the project and other grant options are being investigated.

  2. Colvend Hall Emergency Generator Switchgear

    Grant application submitted to the National Lottery Community Fund for the balance of cost to install the larger capacity generator connection has been successful and monies have been received into the CSCC account.

    It was agreed to award the contract to Locus Electrical who submitted the original quotes the grant application was based on.

    Action: D. Roan to confirm price with Lotus Electrical and experience of this type of installation.

  3. Exercise groups grant applications

    There are 3 grant applications submitted to fund the start-up of the table tennis, carpet bowls and walking football exercise groups as requested by the community survey.

    • ●  Grant application to Aldi Sports Fund has been declined.

    • ●  Grant application for £1000 from the D&G Stewartry Area Committee has been approved

    • ●  Grant Application submitted to SSE Fund for £1500, but results will not be known until

      September 2021. The chances of success with this fund are very limited!

      Funding received could cover tabards and footballs for the walking football, plus two carpet bowls mats however not the additional table tennis table that will be needed. It might therefore be prudent to purchase the table tennis table, one carpet bowl mat and the equipment for the walking football.

      It is envisaged that, in order to be successful, these activities need to be up and running late September or early October. A key question is who is going to lead these activities and whether the two indoor activities (table tennis and carpet bowls) should be run on separate nights or together as a more social event.

      M. Pumphrey raised the subject of having a subgroup to manage these activities due to their importance. D. Roan proposed opening the discussion up to the community by having a zoom

meeting and advertising it on the CSCC Facebook page and local WhatsApp groups. T. Roan suggested using the CSCC Facebook page to conduct a poll and this was proposed this could be done as a follow up to the zoom meeting.

Action: G. Webster to setup a zoom meeting for Thursday 15th July at 7pm and advertise it on all three local WhatsApp groups.

Action: S. Pain to harvest the responses to his online survey and contact the interested parties with details of the zoom meeting.

  1. Meikle Richorn dyking repairs This work is still outstanding.

  2. Next grant application options for application to Robin Rigg Community Fund

    Three options were put forward for consideration:

● Improved access to Castle Point Beach
○ It was suggested that this could be a combination of two applications, RRCF funding

for a contractor to clear and step the first steep section of the path and for the remaining path down to the beach Paths for All to provide tool hire and fuel costs with labour coming from the community.

● Kippford Flooding mitigation
○ There was no apparent enthusiasm to make an application for this project. The

Kippford Association are able to apply for RRCF funding themselves and this could be the way forward for this project.

● A bus shelter in Rockcliffe
○ This would require mandatory planning permission and it was suggested that a

subgroup be formed to work on the location and design of the shelter before then applying for planning permission. At the point permission is obtained then grant funding applications could be made towards the construction cost. The timescale for achieving this rules out any application to the RRCF.

With only one project having the necessary support the Castle Point Beach path project was agreed as being the subject for a RRCF funding application.

Action: S. Pain to contact the landowner and advise of the decision, making it clear that the project scope is for renovation and clearing of the path only and not for any ongoing maintenance.


J. Coates advised the day and time of the event is proposed as Saturday 21st August 2pm - 6pm. As well as the CSCC participants include the Colvend Hall Committee, the Parent Teachers Association from Colvend Primary School, and the Treats & Eats Tea Room. Covid guidelines permitting; there will be a barbecue (separate meat and vegetarian units) laid on with


refreshments supplied from the tea room, an exhibition of photographs and drawings in the hall and outdoor games in the neighbouring field plus an additional field made available for car parking.

There were two offers of some car sized awnings that could be made available if required.

There is grant funding available in the amount of £1000.00 to cover costs for the day.

Action: J. Coates to consult with T. Roan regarding use of the fields and any preparation work that might be necessary.


1. DGC have announced a competition whereby community groups can apply for funding to improve their local War Memorial - It was discussed that our war memorials, with the exception of the plaque on the church wall which needs some work, were in good condition but not outstanding.



All correspondence has been duly forwarded.


  1. Recent bereavements - sadly, it was noted that two local ladies, Kaye Whitby and Betty Connelly, both of whom made valuable contributions to the community during their lifetime, have recently passed away. They will be remembered each in their own way by those they have left behind.

  2. Consider candidates for minute taking for the September meeting if not on Zoom – As there is no volunteer from within the CC then an outside candidate will need to be found. I. Blake commented that Kirkbean CC is currently seeking a minute secretary, thus far without success, so it might be an idea to work together as two incomes could increase the appeal to a suitable candidate.

    Action: D. Roan to contact the Kirkbean CC chairman with a view to collaborating on the recruitment of a suitable candidate to provide minute taking services to both Community Councils.

  3. CC Avril Whitby has purchased a house in Dalbeattie and the move from Colvend will effectively terminate her role on the community council, her service to date was recognised and thanked.

  4. The Sandyhills Beach Clean team were congratulated on their efforts and thanks given to all.

  5. S. Pain suggested a link on the CSCC website that points to the CSCC membership details page on the DGC website where the details are held.

Action: G. Webster to ask S. King to post link.

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1. 21/1114/PIP 01.06.2021 Birchwood Kippford DG5 4LG ERECTION OF DWELLINGHOUSE AND




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